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Notícias del Total Fight Festival

Dylan Thomas and Yuka Fujimori win Grandvalira Total Fight snowboard

Sunday, March 25, 2018. The snowpark of El Tarter has experienced an exciting day of competition with the dispute of the Grandvalira Total Fight snowboarding. Slopestyle event within the World Snowboarding main calendar.

A unique session with the highest level of riging seen in El tarter with 1440’s and triple corks permormed by the riders.

A total of 42 riders, 31 in the men’s category and 11 in the women’s category, have given their best to take the victory. Riders from the USA, Japan, Canada, Russia, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, Italy, Belgium, Andorra and Spain have presented their best tricks in a very versatile slopestyle circuit, consisting of a double tube rail 10 meters, followed by a rail in double tube and “Y” shape, then a module with three possibilities: gap to Donkey Tail or option to Pull Jam or gap to ball option. Next, three kickers followed; the first 21 meters and the last two 18 meters. Allowing riders to perform their best tricks.

Dylan Thomas takes the victory ahead of a great Kaito Hamada

As for the men’s category, the American Dylan Thomas has achieved the best score of the final after making a frontside boardslide 270 in 270 out on the first rail, frontblunt switch 450 out on the second rail, 50/50 frontside 360 tail out in the third module of jibbing and a frontside 1440 melon in the kicker. Result that has served to overcome and stop the unleashed Japanese rider Kaito Hamada who has been very close to victory after making a spectacular round in the jibbing modules. The third position of the podium would also be occupied by the Japanese Takeru Otsuka.

Dylan Thomas, after winning, would comment exultantly: “This is incredible, something wonderful. This morning, my first sensations in the park were not good, I felt tired. But then everything has changed and I have taken enough confidence to face the competition in search of victory. My second round has been very good and it has taken me to the first place. It’s the second time that I’ve come to compete in the Grandvalira Total Fight and I feel very comfortable, I love Andorra and how people treat us. “

Yuka Fujimori wins and Spain’s María Hidalgo takes the podium


She would not disappoint, she would make three very consistent rounds in the final to take the victory, her best round being a switch boardslide to normal, backside 50/50 and ollie tailbonk in the rails, followed by a backside 900 mute in the kicker. Fujimori commented: “I am very happy, it has been a very worked victory and at all times I have felt very comfortable in Andorra. I liked the slopestyle circuit a lot.”

The Canadian Brooke Voigt and an inspired María Hidalgo would accompany her on the podium. The Spanish would rise to the deserved podium after a long period of recovery due to injury: “It was a technical competition because of the speed in which the jumps were reached, the truth is that I did not expect the podium since I come out of a very long injury; A month and a half ago I returned to the snowboard and recently won in a European Cup; but to come here, in a competition of so much international level was a greater challenge. My intention was to have fun and do my best … much better if it’s on the podium!”




1º Dylan Thomas (EE.UU.)     88.00     95.33     30.00
2º Kaito Hamada (Japón)     20.00     93.00     85.33
3º Takeru Otsuka (Japón)     83.33     91.66     30.00



1ª Yuka Fujimori (Japón)     90.66     91.66     69.66
2ª Brooke Voigt (Canadá)     84.00     88.66     79.33
3ª María Hidalgo (España)     65.00     87.00     80.33


McRae Williams wins 2018 Grandvalira Total Fight Freeski

Saturday, March 24, 2018. The 14th edition of the Grandvalira Total Fight freeski crowned the American McRae Williams after the first position achieved in the qualifying session on Friday. The adverse weather conditions did not allow to make the final on Saturday and the result in the qualifiers gave the final result in El Tarter snowpark, Gold category event within the AFP World Tour circuit.



On Friday’s qualifying day, the 23 participating riders searched for the final pass after performing their best tricks in a slopestyle circuit that stood out for the multiple possibilities offered to perform the most varied tricks, combining a jibbing and jumps zones.


The riders faced a circuit that consisted of a rail in double tube of 10 meters and in descent, followed by a rail in double tube and form “Y”, then a module with three possibilities: gap to Donkey Tail or option to Pull Jam or gap to ball option. Next, three kickers followed; the first 21 meters and the last two 18 meters.

The American McRae Williams got the best score of the qualifying session after two very consistent rounds, in the second obtaining the best score of the day after making a round consisting of a right 270 in 270 out in the first rail, switch left 450 in disaster in the second rail, left cork 5 nosetap in the ball, switch right dub 1080 safety in the first jump, switch left dub 1260 mute in the second jump and left cork 1080 tail in the third jump. He would be accompanied on the podium by Frenchman Antoine Adelisse and Finnish Antti Olilla.


Williams, after winning the 14th Grandvalira Total Fight, commented:

“Yesterday in the qualifying session the rounds came out super well and I was happy for it. Today the weather conditions were not optimal to compete, the snow did not allow us to arrive with speed in the jumps, it could be dangerous. So it has been decided that the results of yesterday are the definitive and I am very happy to win once again the Grandvalira Total Fight. Andorra is one of my favourite places, I always try to compete and I consider it my second home.”

The awards ceremony was held at l’Abarset, a renowned après-ski venue where music and the end of the party took main stage with the musical group Nasty Mondays, offering a mix of styles and creations as diverse as Rock, Pop, Indie, Garage or Electro Rock.




Rank Bib Name Country Sponsor Run1 Run2 Total

1 2 WILLIAMS McRae USA Rockstar 87.33 93.00 93.00

2 3 ADELISSE Antoine FRA Picture 89.66 38.33 89.66

3 6 OLILLA Antti FIN Faction 25.00 83.66 83.66

4 8 STEVENSON Ryan USA Under Armour 53.66 82.00 82.00

5 31 KANGAS Jona FIN Voelkl 71.00 81.33 81.33

6 15 SWADBURG Ethan USA RMU 50.00 81.00 81.00

7 13 LAUGIER Hugo FRA Les2Alps 20.00 80.33 80.33

8 7 RAICH Peter USA Voelkl 78.33 29.66 78.33

9 16 MACELMOND Ryan USA Monster 76.33 49.33 76.33

10 14 RYAN Tim USA Voelkl 30.00 74.00 74.00

11 27 KAIFOS William NOR Skistar Trysil 67.33 48.66 67.33

12 24 FERNANDEZ Guilleaume AND Slik 61.66 57.66 61.66

13 17 CARSON Cal USA Aishnu 49.00 60.00 60.00

14 29 GILLON Robin NED Caffe Latesso 31.33 57.33 57.33

15 30 KURAY Ivan ARG Armada 17.33 51.00 51.00

16 12 MAHARAVO Vince FRA Oakley 46.33 21.00 46.33

17 20 MICELI Nate USA Monster 35.00 23.66 35.00

18 4 WALLACE Noah USA Bio-One 32.66 29.33 32.66

19 26 THOMAS Richard USA Line 21.00 30.00 30.00

20 25 PODMILSAK Troy USA Swix 27.33 10.66 27.33

21 5 PATJA Aleksi FIN Ruka 22.66 5.33 22.66

22 21 KOFORD Rodney Alex USA PRT-I 19.00 15.33 19.00

19 LAUER Joseph USA Roxa DNS


Alex Hall takes victory at Grandvalira Total Fight freeski

Grandvalira welcomed April with the grand finale of the 13th Grandvalira Total Fight freeski at El Tarter snowpark in Andorra. Total Fight Slopestyle event, gold category of the AFP World Tour.

The technical team of Grandvalira prepared a Slopestyle circuit composed of 6 modules, in this order: first, a transfer to rail with Double Kink and Brighton. The second, a multi options container with Wallride, Rail Gap to Step Up – Step down and railing. The third one, Gap to rail with option of Quarter Butter Box and Rail Donkey Tail in descent. The fourth, a 21 m flat kicker. The fifth, one kicker of 18 m flat. The sixth and final, another 18 m flat kicker.

On Friday we had an exciting qualifying session by riders from the following countries: USA, Finland, Sweden, France, Holland, Switzerland, Argentina, Mexico, Spain and Andorra. The top 10 riders who went to the final were Noah Wallace, Henrik Harlaut, Robby Franco, Carlitos Aguareles, Aleksi Patja, Antoine Adelisse, Antti Ollila, Alex Hall, Quinn Wolferman and McRae Williams -McRae with the highest score in the qualifying session.

On Saturday, the day didn’t start in the best way; in the free practice local idol, Carlitos Aguareles, hit hard his right leg in the second feature and could not ride the final. So at the end would be 9 riders who would make 3 runs in search of the best score to be crowned as winners of Grandvalira Total Fight 2017.

In the first round of the final, American McRae Williams and Frenchman Antoine Adelisse scored the best and seemed to be the favorites for the final victory, followed closely by the Swedish Henrik Harlaut. The surprise of the final would arrive in the second run: the Swiss Alex Hall, after making a very loose first run, would complete in his second attempt the best score of the day with a stratospheric round composed by a Backside Switch-Up Pretzel 270 Off on first rail, Backside 270 back 180 on second rail/container, Switch 270 Pretzel 630 on third rail, Switch Leftside Double-Cork 1080 Japan Grab jump 1, Switch Rightside Double-Cork 900 Safety Grab jump 2 and Leftside Double-cork 1260 Seatbelt Grab final jump. The audience that filled the stands went crazy with the performance of the Swiss rider.

In the third run of the final, Henrik Harlaut – winner of the X Games 2017, would improve his final score but would not be enough to take a podium spot. In this way, the final victoryi would be for Hall, second Williams, third Adelisse and fourth Harlaut.

After victory, Alex Hall commented:

“I’m super happy. I suffered a little bit by the weather this morning, the speed was the same for all of us and in the end the day was opened and I could do what I had in mind. I loved the rails as well as the jumping section was amazing. No doubt, Grandvalira has done a very good job. ”

The podium and awards ceremony would be held at the renowned L’Abarset ápres ski, as well as the end of the party with the Monster Total Fight Party and the live performance of the Nasty Bass music group until late at night, where it would start to cook what will be the Grandvalira Total Fight of 2018.


1 HALL Alex SUI                     21.33     95.33     88.66
2 WILLIAMS McRae USA             94.33     41.33     37.33
3 ADELISSE Antoine FRA             93.00     29.66     90.33
4 HARLAUT Henrik SWE             89.33     90.66     92.33
5 WALLACE Noah USA             91.66     30.33     89.66
6 OLLILA Antti FIN                 88.33     87.33     33.33
7 FRANCO Robby MEX             83.33     35.33     77.00
8 WOLFERMAN Quinn USA          68.33     57.00     42.00
9 PATJA Aleksi FIN                 20.33     49.66     26.66
10 AGUARELES Carlitos AND         DNS
11 VIRKKI Miika FIN                Q1 78.66
12 MAHARAVO Vince FRA             Q2 73.33
13 MCELMON Ryan USA             Q2 70.33
14 GILLON Robin NED             Q1 68.33
15 RINTAMAA Eetu FIN             Q2 65.33
16 RAICH Peter USA                 Q1 64.33
17 PARERA Alex ESP                 Q1 60.66
18 MICELI Nate USA                 Q2 59.66
19 FERNANDES Guilleaume AND     Q2 54.66
20 LAUER Joe USA                 Q1 49.33
21 KURAY Ivan ARG                 Q1 41.33
22 LAUGIER Hugo FRA             Q2 40.33
23 GARRIDO Raul ESP             Q2 32.66
24 FOURCADE Leo FRA             Q2 30.66
25 ASCHER Levi USA                 Q1 17.00

On the next page we publish the final results of the Grandvalira Total Fight freeski 2017.